Image of Michelle B. Phelps, Associate AIA., Phelps Architects, Inc., Damariscotta & Portland, Maine.Michelle Phelps is an accomplished Registered, Licensed Architect with thirty years experience in the industry of custom residential & commercial architecture with many notable recent and past projects featured in publications. Michelle is also NCARB certified, with the National Council of Architect’s Registration Board and a member of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). Michelle's portfolio includes numerous projects including new construction, renovations, additions, historic renovations and commercial architectural work.

Michelle is a graduate of the Boston Architectural College (BAC) with a B.ARCH Degree from the School of Architecture with a background in both Interior Design & Fine Arts from previous colleges. Michelle is a native resident, having spent her early years growing up in Damariscotta, ME and which instilled an appreciation for Maine’s coast along with inland lakes and mountains. While working in Boston area firms she gained invaluable exposure to many applications of architecture from area firms and the surrounding cities including Boston, Cambridge and work on Nantucket. Upon returning to her native State, Michelle was hired as an independent consultant for a Camden architectural office where she designed and managed an array of project types including commercial, residential, and civic projects along the coast of Maine. Michelle began Phelps Architects, Inc. in partnership with her husband Dan Phelps who is a Registered, Licensed Architect in ME & MA. Together, they strive to provide quality service and superior design to their clients. In addition to the design practice, Michelle continues to enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring all that Maine has to offer with her husband and two daughters and drawing from all its inspiration.


The following represents recent projects designed by Phelps Architects Inc. We are happy to provide references and examples of past work. Please contact us via email, phone or stop in for a visit.

New Residence and/or Complete Renovations (Partial List):

  • Alfieri Cottage, Complete renovation, Nobleboro, ME
  • Atkinson Cottage, New Shingle Style Cottage, Newcastle, ME
  • Bailey Residence, New Cape Residence and Garage, Nobleboro, ME
  • Barret Residence, Complete Estate Renovations, Westport Island, ME
  • Bishop Residence, New Shingle Style Cottage, Bristol, ME
  • Boutselis Residence, Complete Cottage Renovation and Additions, Jefferson, ME
  • Blasco Residence, New Residence, and Guest House, Southport Island, ME
  • Brophy Residence, New Residence & Garage, West Bath, ME
  • Cragin Residence, New Shingle Style Residence & Garage/Guest Suite, St. George, ME
  • Cross Point Residence, New Shingle Style Residence, Edgecomb, ME
  • Donnovan Residence, Complete conversion of Garage to New Studio, Additions, South Bristol, ME
  • Dunn/Hadley Residence, Complete Renovation and Additions, South Bristol, ME
  • Fitch Residence, Complete Estate Renovations, Additions, Pemaquid, ME
  • Freese, New Farm-House Style Residence & Studio/Garage Barn/Studio, Bristol, ME
  • Hamman-Papsidero, New Carriage House Style Garage/Guest Suite, Rockland, ME
  • Hammitte – Complete Estate Renovations and Additions, St. George, ME
  • Heidenreich Residence, New Shingle Style Residence & Garage, Bristol, ME
  • Hush Guest House, New Shingle Style Garage/Studio, Bristol, ME
  • Hush Residence, New Shingle Style Residence, Bristol, ME
  • Jaynes-Knoblock Cottage, New Cottage, Edgecomb, ME
  • Mackie Residence, New Residence, Westport Island, ME
  • MacGilvra Residence, New Guest Cottage, Isle of Springs, Boothbay, ME
  • Meroff Residence, New Main Residence, Barn and Carriage House – Machiasport, ME
  • McCarthy Residence, New Residence and renovations, South Bristol, ME
  • Mills Residence, New Period Style Barn/Garage/Studio and Main House Addition, Newcastle, ME
  • Purcell Residence, New Residence & Garage, and Apartment, Damariscotta, ME
  • Race Boathouse, New Garage/Boathouse/Studio, Edgecomb, ME
  • Reiser Residence, Complete Estate Renovation and Additions, South Bristol, ME
  • Seely Residence, New Residence, Damariscotta, ME
  • Snyder Residence, New Residence, Rockport, ME
  • Spurling Residence, Complete Estate & Guest House Renovations and Additions, Palermo, ME
  • Stehlik Residence, New Garage/Studio – Nobleboro, ME
  • Pearson Residence, New Residence, Brunswick, ME
  • Trafton Residence, Complete Estate Renovations and Additions, Newcastle, ME
  • Yassa Residence, Complete Estate Renovations and Additions, Kittery Point, ME
Link to New Harbor home designed by Phelps Architects.

Additions & Renovations (Partial List)

  • Abello Residence, Family Room and Master Suite Addition, Edgecomb, ME
  • Acheson Renovations, Pemaquid, ME Austen Residence, Additions and Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Bartlett Residence, Additions and Renovations, Walpole, ME
  • Bedigian Residence, Sun Room Addition and Renovations, Port Clyde, ME
  • Beebe Residence, Addition and Renovations, South Bristol, ME
  • Christy Residence, Renovations, Cape Elizabeth, ME
  • Bloch Residence, Screen Room Addition and Renovations, Bremen, ME
  • Rogers Residence, Addition and Renovations, Port Clyde, ME
  • Lillich Residence, Cabin Additions, and Renovations, Jefferson, ME
  • Martin Residence, Additions and Renovations, Wells, ME
  • Murray Residence, Addition and Renovations, Camden, ME
  • Doughty Residence, Renovations, Woolwich, ME
  • Duncan Residence, Addition, MA
  • Flory Residence, Additions and Renovations, Walpole, ME
  • Gardner Cottage, Renovations, Bristol, ME
  • Geisler Residence, Renovations & Kitchen, Edgecomb, ME
  • Kinney-Reifel Residence, Great Room Addition and Renovations, Nobleboro, ME
  • McCormick Residence, South Bristol, ME
  • Monroe Residence, Renovations, Georgetown, ME
  • Martin Residence, Additions and Renovations, Ogunquit Beach, ME
  • Owen Residence, Sun Room and Master Suite Additions, Renovations, Nobleboro, ME
  • Pearce Residence, Addition and Renovations, Nobleboro, ME
  • Prime Residence, Renovations, Bristol, ME
  • Reagan Cottage, Addition and Renovations, Kittery, ME
  • Russ Residence, Addition and Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Sherman Residence, Additions and Renovations, Bristol, ME
  • Smith Residence, Master Suite additions, Kitchen and Main House Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Stone Residence, Conversion of Barn to Residence, Addition and Renovations, Alna, ME

Historic Renovations & Additions (Partial List):

  • 278 Main Street, Historic Early 1800’s Building Additions/Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Chan Residence, Historic Early1800’s Building Additions and Renovations, Wiscasset, ME
  • Curry/Morter Residence, Historic Early 1800’s Building Additions and Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Devlin Residence, Early 1800’s Building Garage Addition and Renovations, Damariscotta, ME
  • Griffee Residence, Late 1700’2 Building, Additions and Renovations, Woolwich, ME
  • Phillips Residence, Late 1700’s New Ell, New Barn & Garage/Barn, Renovations, Newcastle, ME
  • Reiser/Watling Residence, 1800’s Building, Addition and Renovations, Newcastle, ME
  • Tompkins Residence, 1800’s Building, Additions and Renovations, Edgecomb, ME

Commercial (Partial List):

  • 278 Main Street, Professional Offices/Apartment, Damariscotta, ME
  • Catering Storage/Support Facility, Bristol, ME
  • A.L. Logging, Commercial Garage/Workshop, Bristol, ME
  • Calvary Baptist Church, Master Planning, Code Assessment, Warren, ME
  • CCS School Gymnasium, New Lobby and New Gymnasium, Waldoboro, ME
  • Down East Community Hospital, Renovations, Machias, ME
  • Event Center Building Planning, and Master Plan, Nobleboro, ME
  • Main Street Apartment and ADA Entry/Walkway, Main Street, Damariscotta, ME
  • Animal Boarding Facility – Waldoboro, ME
  • Merry Barn Writers Retreat & Education Center, Edgecomb, ME
  • Condominium Documents, Glidden Street, Damariscotta, ME
  • Town of Damariscotta, Municipal Restroom Facility, Damariscotta, ME
  • Woodbrook Animal Clinic, Woolwich, ME

Academic Qualifications:

  • Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA, Bachelor of Architecture, 2003
  • University of Maine, Augusta, ME, Studies in Architecture & Fine Arts
  • Hesser College, Manchester, NH, Interior Design

Memberships/Support & Contributions:

  • National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Art Walk, Damariscotta, ME
  • Boston Architectural College Alumnae, Boston, MA
  • Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Edgecomb Historical Society, Edgecomb, ME
  • Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine
  • Habitat for Humanity, ME
  • Maine State AIA, American Institute of Architects
  • Historic New England, Boston, MA
  • Portland Society of Architects, Portland, ME